Join the National Steps Challenge™ Season 6 with Raffles Place Alliance

Calling our Raffles Place Community! National Steps Challenge™ Season 6 is here!

This season, be a part of the first-ever Corporate Challenge (Healthy Workplace Ecosystems) and earn up to $7 worth of Healthpoints just by moving more.

Boost your mood and be rewarded as you clock your steps and help our cluster be the top workplace ecosystem!

The challenge is happening from 3 Jan to 17 Apr 2022. Registration ends on 19 Dec 2021. T&Cs apply.

Here’s how to join
Step 1: Download the Healthy 365 app
Step 2: Tap on Corporate Challenge, use our unique cluster entry code <r39gcan3>
Step 3: Pair, move, sync and get rewarded!
Note: Participants of the Corporate Challenge (Healthy Workplace Ecosystems) are not eligible to sign up for the main Corporate Challenge.

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