The Raffles Place Audio Tours

Raffles Place Alliance presents the Raffles Place Audio Tours. Two experiences have been created so that you can explore Raffles Place through the lens of art and history.


On the Art Tour, learn about the wonderful works of art that bejewel the Raffles Place precinct by immensely talented artists from our shores and around the world. There are a total of 11 stops that start in Raffles Place Park and take you around the precinct from One Raffles Place to CapitaSpring, Ocean Financial Centre to Republic Plaza and ending at CapitaGreen.

The Art Tour is narrated by musician and producer Tim De Cotta. You will also hear the voices of singer, musician and poet, weish, graphic designer, painter and ceramicist Marc Gabriel Loh, ceramicist Jeanette Adrienne Wee and Graphic Designer and Artist Chris Chai. Learn about interesting sculptures and installations found in Raffles Place and experience them through fresh eyes.

The Heritage Tour focuses on the history of Raffles Place, recounting how the precinct has changed from the 1800s. Covering five zones, the tour starts near the Singapore River and its integral role in breathing life into our city. Head near Chulia Street to learn about how different ethnic groups and architecture evolved in the surrounding areas. Next, we move towards Battery Road to learn more about the history of Raffles Place and how it started. Explore the glitz and glamour of Collyer Quay in the next zone and explore Market Street to dive into Raffles Place’s uniquely modern architecture.

The Heritage Tour is narrated by Tim De Cotta and Carisa An-Yi Davies.

To begin on the self-guided tours, grab your headphones, scan the QR code or click here and head to Raffles Place Park to start!

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