Flora & Foliage in Raffles Place

In Raffles Place, you can find greenery amidst the skyscrapers and office buildings.

Explore these pockets of nature in our precinct, if you ever find yourself in the mood for a change in scenery and a bit of fresh air! 


Raffles Place Park

Raffles Place Park is our very own urban park found in Singapore’s Central Business District, surrounded by iconic skyscrapers. The park provides a change of scene with its grassy lawns, spanning more than 0.6 hectares. It was originally built as a rooftop garden above an underground carpark back in 1965, which has since made way for Raffles Place MRT station.
Strategically located within the heart of the Raffles Place precinct, the park has become a popular spot for office workers to relax, unwind and even exercise.
Given the current Covid-19 guidelines, workout sessions and outdoor lunches at the park have been put on hold. However, it is still a lovely place to catch some fresh air. Just remember to practice social distancing and stick to the latest advisories. 
Once it is safe to do so, remember to switch things up during lunchtime, and have that picnic-esque lunch on the lawn or grab a seat on the benches and swings, alongside your co-workers, whilst soaking up views of the city.  
Located at:
Raffles Place MRT Exit A
5 Raffles Place
Singapore 048618


Vertical Garden

Did you know that one of the largest vertical gardens in the world is right in Raffles Place? This beautiful green wall on the side of Ocean Financial Centre used to hold a Guinness World Record back in 2013 for being the largest vertical garden in the world, comprising 57,000 plant pots, standing at 19 metres tall and 110 metres wide. 
This garden even exhibits a three-dimensional map of Singapore, Southeast Asia and the world, and is made entirely out of 25 different plant species. Plants of different sizes were then cleverly designed in a way that protrudes, to resemble mountain ranges and waves for a 3D effect. 
Aside from being an amazing feat of green engineering, the green wall also offers environmental benefits in the form of filtering carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air, which results in reduced heat absorption and carbon footprint within the area. Being situated outside, it can also cool surface temperatures, meaning lesser energy is needed to cool interior spaces.
It is only fitting that this green piece of art is installed at Ocean Financial Centre, as the high-rise building has a reputation for being one of the greenest in the country.
It is no wonder that this attraction has become a popular meeting place for many in Raffles Place. Don’t forget to make your way over to Ocean Financial Centre to admire the sight of this one-of-a kind garden amidst the concrete cityscape!
Located at:
Ocean Financial Centre
10 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049315


Rainforest Rhapsody

Six Battery Road’s “Rainforest Rhapsody”, by world-renowned French botanist, Dr Patrick Blanc, is the very first and largest indoor vertical garden in Singapore’s Central Business District.
This impressive green wall developed with green technology, covers 2,000 square feet and consists of more than 70 species of plant species and foliage! These species hail from the tropical rainforests of Asia, the Americas and Africa.
The project, which was unveiled in 2011, took only four months to complete and even received honourable mention at the Skyrise Greenery Awards that took place the same year. Do check it out when you are back in Raffles Place. 
Located at:
6 Battery Road
Singapore, 049909

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