What’s the Buzz in Raffles Place?

In the Central “Buzz” District, Raffles Place Alliance aims to make Raffles Place a vibrant space for all to work, meet, play and chill. 

In our new Buzz Mark campaign, we invite our community to co-design our future placemaking initiatives with us. The campaign takes place online and offline, and revolves around fostering deeper connections and engagement with all who are in Raffles Place

Much like bees in a hive, each one of us at Raffles Place brings the space to life with our energy and our vivacity, adding to the buzziness that fills the precinct each day. 

With our Buzz Mark campaign set in motion, we look to embrace this vibrancy in a playful and engaging way, initiated through various interactive quizzes and games over the next few months. From creating your own unique Buzz Mark to interactive games, be a part of the campaign and make your mark on Raffles Place.

What’s your Buzz Mark?

Step into Raffles Place and you’ll notice our colourful steps and Y-shaped banners in the park. Create your own unique Buzz Mark by scanning the QR code or visiting our Buzz Mark generator HERE for a one-of-a-kind, crowd generated artwork based on your inputs.

There are over 4,000 possible combinations but only one you, so jump into our Buzz Mark generator and take our quiz to find out whether you’re a Leader, Innovator, Strategist, Warrior, Trendsetter or Explorer.

Find out where you rank among the personalities of Raffles Place, and redeem rewards along the way by flashing your own buzz marks to participating tenants.

To get started, create your Buzz Mark HERE!

Buzz Mark Stickers

We’ve put the buzziest Buzz Marks around Raffles Place Park, so take a stroll through the precinct to catch these colourful, eye-catching stickers lining the lawn and see if you can spot yours anywhere! On the stickers, you will also find ground-up suggestions on how the community wants to make Raffles Place a place for all, so do stop by and take a look. 

While you’re in the park, you can also have a go at our Buzz Spot game! 

Buzz Spot Game 

Head down to Raffles Place Park, where you can spot our physical game structures and start playing our Buzz Spot game.

To play, scan the QR code. Simply match three Buzz Marks in record time and score a free cup of coffee from Gloria Jeans Coffees at Republic Plaza or other prizes when you play successfully! 


Spin To Win 

That’s not all. From now till February 2024, on every last Wednesday of the month for the duration of the campaign, stand a chance to unlock even more rewards with our “Spin to Win” game. 

Once a month, several lucky winners will get their hands on prizes from Gloria Jeans Coffees, Honey World, Parkway Shenton, Social Bar & Bistro and Sol & Luna.

Look out for the upcoming Spin To Win games happening on 27 December 2023, 31 January 2024 and 28 February 2024. 

With this buzz initiative, we hope to get to know each one of you more! Together, let’s keep the heart of the Central Buzz District abuzz with life.

Create your Buzz Mark HERE and start being a part of the BUZZ today!


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